Lucky Stars – 2024 Total Eclipse in Arkansas


Announcing our camping options for the Arkansas 2024 Total Eclipse! We have had many local folks ask us to rep their land for this event.  But these are the two where we would prefer to be and they are hosts we’d love for you to meet.  Virginia says: “Even if it’s cloudy, it’s going to get completely dark in the middle of the day and that will not happen here again for 300+ years. Expect pyramids to pop up.”


Small (30×30) creekside spots here at  the mystical “CAVE HOLE”.

4 minutes 12 seconds of totality.

Camping on Sylamore Creek

Large (ONE ACRE) spots for your group with ridge and bison view here at “LANCASTER FARMS”.

4 minutes, 12 seconds of totality.

LAUNCHED MARCH 3 is a large Greer’s Ferry Lake house with salt water pool that sleeps 22 in beds. 

Whopping 4 minutes and 15 seconds of totality.  (the max = 16 seconds).


Announcing our eclipse winners for the Arkansas 2024 Total Eclipse.

You made it! We are overwhelmed with happiness at all of you that entered our giveaway. The messages you sent were so touching and sweet that we decided to extend the gifts to a few more people. If you’re the second or third winner, please contact us!

A few months ago, we promised to alert our loyal 

email subscribers and dream returning guests as soon as we opened our books for the eclipse – that time is here! There is only one year until April 8, 2024, when the Great American Eclipse casts its dark shadow over Arkansas. This only happens every 400 years. 

Heber Springs, Mountain View, Calico Rock stand out for this event – all of our properties are directly in the path of totality, in the middle of the middle of the middle.

With no further adieu, here are the winners!

third place

When I met my husband, he was wearing a glow in the dark NASA shirt. He really needs to win this prize

Tina S.


James h.

second place

first place

Fingers crossed for the tipi?

Maureen S.

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